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How Social Media and Digital Marketing Can Be Used To Keep Your Tennis Customers Engaged.

Social media and digital marketing are all about your customers and what grabs their attention.

While most businesses create a product catalog out of their social media accounts, your aim should be to keep your audience engaged.

Social interaction and engagement is the ultimate means of captivating your audience and modern technology has made this much easier. Customers have to have that sense of belonging for your message to work.

Below are some tips on how you can effectively use digital marketing for your tennis business.

  • The Medium is the Message: Certain messages are more suitable to a certain medium. Your tennis video tutorials for instance are better aired on YouTube. A high quality picture of your facility on a beautiful morning is most noteworthy on Instagram. You must target the right audience with the right message using the right medium for your content to work.
  • Create Valuable Content: The content of your posts or messages, be it pictures, videos or mere words should relate to the issues of your tennis audience. Catchy headlines with humorous contents, supported by graphics will be more attractive to your visitors than mere text. You content has to provide value for the reason that it will be lost in the world of information overload.
  • Be Human: You are communicating with other humans, never forget that when creating your content. Introduce yourself and know that people buy from people, not businesses. Ensure that your language is the language of your audience. Tennis has its jargon, use it to your benefit.
  • Contests: Use contests and reward your audience with tangible tennis products or services available to your business. Everybody loves a good contest.
  • Use Analytics Tools: You need to understand your clients, the more you know about them the easier it will be to engage with them. Google analytics and your social media channels provide tools to analyze your audience and traffic. Furthermore the data gathered helps improve interaction with your users while also giving you an insight into their behaviors and needs.

While the ultimate goal in your digital marketing campaign is to attract more business, know that in social media, pushing your products is not the way to go.

You need to create a relationship with your audience and creating engaging content will certainly get your there.