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Paid Marketing Versus Organic Marketing

In digital marketing you will see the terms “Paid Marketing” and “Organic Marketing” often. Considering that both strategies have its unique advantages and disadvantages make it worth looking into before deciding on one or the other. There are hundreds of businesses fighting for the attention of your target audience. Your audience themselves have to sift through the myriads of content available online. You need to make the voice of your business heard above the competition.

Paid Marketing

When you bid and pay for a top space on search engines using specific tennis keywords, or bid for space in a feed of a social media channel, you are participating in paid marketing. The available space for that content is offered to the highest bidder with the most relevant content.

How Paid Advertisement Can Benefit Your Tennis Business

Paid advertisement will grow awareness to your business instantly by increasing traffic to your website.
Paid advertisement from targeted keywords provide warm leads.
Paid advertising helps you target specific users by location, demographics, behavior and more.
Retargeting features allow you to be present in other website your audience is on.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is when your audience finds you online without you having to pay for that view or click. This is when your business appears on top search results as a result of your SEO efforts, or sees your post as a result of them following your other digital marketing channels.

How Organic Advertisement Can Benefit Your Tennis Business

It is a cost-effective advertising. Your tennis business will appear at top search listings without your paying for that spot.
While it takes longer for these efforts to show results, the conversion rates are higher
It helps in creating a long-lasting brand awareness and traffic sources. Quality contents can keep bringing traffic to your site long after the content was posted.

Comparing Paid Marketing and Organic Marketing

Paid marketing provides quick result while organic marketing gives long-lasting benefits.
Organic marketing owes its success to quality and relevant content but paid marketing succeeds through high bids.
Paid advertising costs more on the long run as you keep paying to stay at the top pages. Organic advertising however is more cost-effective because your one-time payment for a particular content can still yield you traffic for years to come.
With paid advertising, it is easier to target the particular audience you want to reach, unlike organic advertising.
Organic marketing may not drive instant traffic to your business, but it can convert a higher number of visitors to consumers.
The best digital marketing strategy is for you to combine both paid marketing and organic marketing for your tennis business. Let us help you find the right solutions, contact us today at or call 815-355-7622.