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Why Your Tennis Business Should Use Social Media and Digital Marketing to Attract More Customers

The digital world keeps evolving and business strategy have to evolve with the trend. As the decision maker, if you fail to realize and take advantage of the trending marketing techniques, then your tennis business may be miss out on the potential these trends bring along. The Power of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing The power of digital marketing and social media for your tennis business keeps getting better and more advanced. Currently, the best marketing techniques for your tennis business involves the use of a high converting website, a Google My Business listing, and social media channels such as Facebook,...

WEBINAR PART 2- Social Media Marketing & Social Media Advertising

The average person is on 5 different social media channels. Your audience and their friends are on social media. Does your tennis business have a social media presence and engaging with them online? Find out the differences in social media marketing and social media advertising and how you can leverage them to grow your tennis business. In this webinar e use a tennis club as an example to run a tennis social media campaign. We also go over how to measure the results from your tennis social media marketing efforts....

Webinar Part 1- Content Strategy

Content Strategy (Part 1 of a 4-Part Series) In this webinar we will go through an overview of digital marketing and how you can use it to increase your business. When it comes to digital marketing, it all starts with the content that your business puts out for your audience to consume. For this content to be effective, you have to know who is the audience that is looking at it and what type of content they will relate to the most. In this lesson you will learn how to plan, organize and how to promote your content.    ...